Welcome to the website of Melokei Official.


This is a site a made to promote Melokei and allowing visitors to discover new music within the Visual Kei scene.
Other than promoting the music we also display some of our favourite Melokei items, aswell as sell some of them!

The term Melokei (or Melo Kei) is a fanmade sub-genre for Visual Kei, such as Oshare Kei, Kote Kei etc.
As a term, it bases itself on the words "Melodic" and "Visual Kei", hench the name Melokei.
The main focus of Melokei lays on vocal usage to range widely and is used in a operatic manner, the genre cosists of melodic/symphonic sound in Visual Kei music.
(An more accurate discription to what Melokei is will come later in the future.)

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