Cassette Digitization Service

What is MeloConversion?

MeloConversion is a service for digitizing Japanese Visual Kei Cassettes in high-quality flac format.
This service is limited to users within Europe and cannot be used outside of the EU.
Aside from Cassettes, we might be willing to also digitize VHS tapes, but this has to be communicated first.

Digitized Cassete sample:

Digitized VHS sample:

How are you digitizing it?

Recording will be done in a Sony TC-K series cassette deck.
The reading components of the deck will be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol (99,9% based) before any batch of tapes.
The recorded audio will afterwards be processed and modified trough professional audio software tools which will edit and repair the audio to sound better.
Modifications include: Balancing the audio, cleaning up dirt, leveling the loudness and noise will be removed.

Digitized Cassettes will afterwards be exported in 16-bit FLAC format.

What am i getting and what are the costs?

With this service you will get:
1) Your cassetted fully digitized with high-quality equipment.
2) Have your raw rips propperly modified manually, and cleaned up with professional software.
3) Have your finalized rips exported in flac, and uploaded in your personal online folder.
4) A prommis that the rips made from your cassetes are yours and yours ONLY and will not be shared with others.

What are the costs:
Starting price: €10,-
Added cost per cassette: €5-,

Cassettes that are longer then 30 minuts can be charged double depending on the lenght.
Be aware that these costs do not cover the shipping costs.

I'd like to have my cassette's digitized!

Before contacting me, make sure to have read the disclaimer page.
To have your cassettes digitized, send me an email through the contact page or discord.