Even though everything on this page is not significant, a lot of time and effort has been put into them.
I gladly create and provide these tools for people who might see some benefit in using them.
I however do wish to ask to consider looking around on my site to see what els i have to offer.

Visual Kei Proxy Tool (Android)

An Android application designed for simplifying browsing auctions and using your proxy service.
Using an application instead of your browser means quick interaction between the 2 with dedicated elements helping you communicate an auction to your proxy.
Quick loading times and simplifying 1 app to everything VK makes this a very useful app for android users that use their proxy or browse auctions often.

Some features that it offers:
- Proxy selection (Zenmarket/FromJapan/Buyee)
- Auction site selection (Yahoo/Mercari/Fril)
- Webshop selection (Puresound/etc)
- Other websites ( intergrated, Discogs)

Release: Alpha 0.7a32
Download: Updates are provided in our discord server: here
Screenshot: soon
Note: Android will mention the file is new and untested and might be unsafe, this is just a warning.

youtube-dl-cli - download tool (shadow edition)

- A straight-forward CLI tool that makes use of the youtube-dl software to download media from streaming sites.
This tool simplify's and automate's the process of downloading videos (and audio) files.

- Why use this tool instead of other tools that come with a GUI? simple.

Many front-end gui's will convert the output you are trying to grab, regardless of your decision.
This tool is made with the intention to preserve quality and data, and will ALWAYS try to give closest output possible.
It will soon also include the ability to download from sites that need an account to proceed. (basic knowledge needed)

Release: version 0.9.0
Download: soon... (windows only)
Note: This tool can be scanned by your anti-virus due to it being new.

Music weight calculator

- A simple Excel calculation document for calculating the estmiated weight of music items.
This sheet is usefull for calculating weight of items where you might have a weight limit. (for instance proxy services)
For calculating: 8cm CD/CD/DVD/Cassette/VHS etc.

Release: version 0.9.0 (2018.10.01)
Hosted version:
Download: n.a.

Yunisan Mirror

- A mirror of the visual kei database of Yunisan (Grass Thread).
Do note this is not a full backup, therefor not all pages are available in the mirror.
Please only share the melokei redirect, as it will always go to the mirror incase the location gets taken down.

Hosted version:
Download: n.a.