A japanese neoclassical/symphonic rock Visual Kei band formed in April, 1992. AFTER IMAGE was made up of M.J.SEIJI on vocals, HIRON on keyboards, MIYU on bass and RAYKA on guitar. AFTER IMAGE broke up, however, and all members except RAYKA formed the band AMADEUS.

Vocal: M.J.Seiji (マッドジェイルセイジ → AFTER IMAGE → AMADEUS → AC BLANDISH  → one finger → ONE → BUZZ → Brain Hacker → Art Cube → HIZAKI、Moi dix Mois(Seth))
Guitar: 麗華→RAYKA (レイカ → AFTER IMAGE → )
Bass: 美優→MIYU (ミユウ → Girl → AFTER IMAGE → AMADEUS → )
Keyboard: 飛龍→HIRON (ヒロン → AFTER IMAGE → AMADEUS →)

[1994.xx.xx] [Demo-Tape] After Image
[199x.xx.xx] [xxx] 廃人の詩/メロス
[1994.xx.xx] [Demo-Tape] 愛するお前たちへ…
[1994.06.08] [Demo-Tape] 霞
[1995.02.01] [Mini-Album] 黒い結晶
[1995.05.24] [Omnibus] Who’s Next Cry-Max Pleasure Super ~Loud,Trance and Violence for Extacy~