The band's formation was in 2008, their lineup could be diffrent from the start of the formation, this is unknown.
The first recorded release was from 2014, but it is most likely they had a few live-distributed cds from 2008-2014, other the live-releases they also uploaded a few songs online on their MySpace or YouTube page, these have since been deleted.
This is the first band for the current members, they have not been in any other.,
Their websites biography writes their band as:
"A visual rock band based in Tokushima.
The songs reminiscent of the 90's are distinctive and antique with the concept of beauty."

Vocal: 剣 (Chan-de-lier)
Guitar: 氷菓  (Chan-de-lier)

[2014.03.11] [Live-Distributed] adultery
[2015.11.20] [Digital-Distributed] DV
[2016.01.02] [Digital-Distributed] DV / Night Day
[2016.06.05] [Digital-Distributed] DV / Night Day (2nd Press)