最速革命+SADIST+ is a Japanese visual rock band, consisting of Eiji doing the vocals, KANJI and 飛影 on guitars, 黄泉 on bass and REO on drums and piano. Their style is more or less inspired by X Japan.

Vocal Eiji →+SADIST+→
Guitar KANJI →+SADIST+→Vampire Fallen Xmas
Guitar 飛影 →+SADIST+→+SADIST+
Bass 黄泉 →+SADIST+→
Drums,Piano REO →+SADIST+→Parasite(Vo)→Vampire Fallen Xmas→+SADIST+(VO)→ALICE IN THE MAZE


[1997.xx.xx] [Omnibus] KARAT
[1999.xx.xx] [Demo-Tape] SADIST
[1999.xx.xx] [Maxi-Single] VENUS
[1999.xx.xx] [Maxi-Single] MARIA
[1999.xx.xx] [Live-Distributed] 1999
[2000.09.01] [Omnibus] Punishment Party Vol.1
[2001.04.01] [Mini-Album] Requiem
[2001.06.xx] [Omnibus] Punishment Party Vol.2